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Why Dads Are Important

I understand that children show love for their parents in different ways. For instance, my children show their love for me in the form of asking me 20 questions and hovering. They show their love for their dad by letting him sleep and allowing him to use the bathroom in peace. However, today is a special day. I wanted to make sure he felt loved and appreciated. I informed my kids that the best way to celebrate Father’s Day was to pretend I was not home. Have a question? Not getting along with a sibling? Bleeding? Hungry? Ask your Dad.


Jokes aside, no matter how amazing moms can be, there is one thing we can never be…dad. For all the dads out there, I want you to know that you matter. You are loved. You are appreciated. You truly make a difference.  No one can ever take your place, especially in your child’s eyes. Don’t believe me?  Just ask any girl on her wedding day whom she wants to walk her down the aisle. She will pick her daddy any day of the year.



Still, don’t believe me? Scientific studies have found a positive correlation between (a) the involvement of a father in a child’s life and (b) the emotional and social development of a child. Furthermore, studies have also found children are 3x more likely to go to church and pray if they see their dad attending church and praying. So dads, the next time you feel like your child could care less about what you say or do, think again.

Here are some things I have noticed within my family dynamics.

Fist bump from Coach Dad

Seriously dads, you don’t get the credit you deserve. I know for a fact that I don’t thank my husband or my own dad enough. So call your dad and tell him you appreciate him putting up with your shenanigans. Avoid giving your husband the stink eye Limit the amount of times you give your husband the stink eye. Take time to reflect that without a dad, you wouldn’t exist.


For all of the awesome dads out there reading this… internet high five.  After all, you are not just the other adult home, you are dad.

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