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5 Things New Moms Should Know

When I was 26, my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child. I was terrified. There was no way I was old enough to be someone’s mom! I couldn’t remember the last time I held a baby.  Babies were more like Monet paintings at that point in my life; they looked… Continue reading 5 Things New Moms Should Know

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15 Things You Should Know About Anxiety and Depression

Identifying negative thinking patterns and putting them in their place (out of your mind). Read on to learn more!

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Weight Loss in 2020

“Breakfast, lunch, and dinner slowly started blurring together. I even vented to friends about how much eating was going on at my house while I was eating.”

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A Cautionary Tale of Shopping during a Pandemic

Corona. While it is only one word, it is a powerful one. Corona has turned the world we know into an unfamiliar battleground. Some people are stepping up to help while others are too lost in their own panic to comprehend we are experiencing this virus as a community. Hoarding of household items has spiraled… Continue reading A Cautionary Tale of Shopping during a Pandemic

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Hot Girl Summer is Canceled

While swimming is just a single word for some, it is a full-on panic attack for others. My first thought when I hear the word swimming is, “What am I going to wear?” Do I have anything that fits? So, I took the plunge, bought a mom suit, and embarked on a journey to the… Continue reading Hot Girl Summer is Canceled

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Why Dads Are Important

I understand that children show love for their parents in different ways. For instance, my children show their love for me in the form of asking me 20 questions and hovering. They show their love for their dad by letting him sleep and allowing him to use the bathroom in peace. However, today is a… Continue reading Why Dads Are Important