Hi, I’m Kim.

I have a larger-than-life personality, a witty sense of humor, and a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior with a side of ADHD.

I married my college sweetheart, and we live in Louisiana with our 3 children.

Wine, prayer, and deep breaths are my secrets to surviving parenthood and remaining somewhat sane.

My life is far from perfect, but I try to focus on the good and laugh about how crazy life can get.

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01. Check out the blog!

Everyone has a blooper reel of things that didn’t go as planned. My life is more of a movie than a few short clips. So, make sure you grab some popcorn because I will be sharing these hilarious and unfiltered moments of my life.

On a positive note, how boring would life be if everything did go as planned?

Life can also feel like an emotional roller coaster! Trust me; you’re not alone!

I will share tips and facts I have learned through research to help you feel more in control (e.g., managing stress, factors that impact mood, and working with others).

02. Check out the Toolbox!

“Adulting” is complicated, and kids don’t come with instructions (or warning labels).

Check out the toolbox for scientifically proven ways to reduce stress and improve mood.  

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03. Check out my social media!

Let’s hang out! Check out my social media for reels, memes, and tips.

Background on Kim Is Awesome

My husband and I were playing trivia at a restaurant, and I jokingly put my name as Kim Is Awesome. When it showed the players, all of the screens in the place read “Kim Is Awesome vs. John.” It has just been a running joke from there. 

I recently named my phone Kim Is Awesome, so even my dashboard tells me I’m awesome!

P.S. I have started putting URMomma1 when I play games with my kids.