The Early Bird Gets…Trash

Today, an epic airplane building competition started in my house. We have a 2000 square foot house, but my kids wanted to only test them in the room I was in and near my head. I secretly think they were aiming them at me. I told them to please test their planes in any room, as long as it was not the room I was in. Move to another room somehow translated to just throw the planes into a ceiling fan in the next room over. I then instructed the air show to be relocated outside. Fast forward to this evening. I was cooking dinner and noticed there were still some planes in the backyard. I told the kids to go outside and pick up their mess and to not leave trash all over the yard. I then look out the window and see a bird picking up airplane crash debris to make a nest with it. The trash that was once in my yard is now in my tree. On a positive note, maybe Cinderella can tell me how to get birds to pick up inside my house.

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