Weigh in Wednesday

I will be weighing in on Wednesdays and logging my journey. Feel free to join me and let me know how you are doing in the comments below! Every ounce is victory! Also check out my Weigh in Wednesday videos on YouTube.

DateLostTotal Lost
Will add more dates as I go

Side note: This is meant to be encouraging and fun! It is not a competition!

3 thoughts on “Weigh in Wednesday

    1. 158.8 lbs is where I am starting 2020. I want to get to 145 lbs and fluctuate between 145 lbs and 150lbs.

      I have started keto again and I am exhausted right now! I forgot about keto crash from zero carbs. It feels great when you level out and don’t swing up and down with energy because of the carbs.

      I also forgot about keto flu! I am not looking forward to that.

      My friend and I walk 3 miles every morning to start our day off. When it’s raining or we don’t walk we are both disappointed by our step count all day. It’s so nice reaching my 10k steps by noon.

      I am TRYING to incorporate more water. I am TERRIBLE at drinking water. We are supposed to drink half our body weight in fluid ounces a day. I should be drinking about 80 ounces a day, 4 bottles of 20 oz waters. I’ve had three 16.9 oz bottles so far today. I basically need to get my bottles and drink them all at one time. I hope I get back into preferring water.


      1. Girl, that is awesome! Focus on all the amazing things you are already doing! Drinking enough water can be hard. I feel like a I have to go to the bathroom constantly when I drink tons of water. You are so close to your goal! Keep me posted on your progress! Thanks for visiting the site and see you at church😁


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