Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

While swimming is just a single word for some, it is a full-on panic attack for others. My first thought when I hear the word swimming is, “What am I going to wear?” Do I have anything that fits? During my high school and college years, I wanted one that showed off my size 2 body. 3 kids later, no longer a size 2, and in my late 30’s, I am wondering how much I can wear over a bathing suit and still have mobility in the water. However, I started this blog to serve as encouragement to others. How can I tell others they are awesome and not feel awesome about myself? I mean the name of my blog clearly states I am awesome.

So, I took the plunge and bought a mom suit that I felt confident in and proceeded to wear it in public. I started by dipping my toe in the water and wearing my new suit to the inside pool at my gym. After building up my confidence, I embarked on a journey to the SPAR water park…a very crowded public place. As I was applying sunscreen to my one shade darker then transparent fair skin, I realized I couldn’t get my back. I asked a mom near me if she could spray my back for me.

I didn’t even worry about how I looked, to be honest. I was just focused on having fun with my daughter. Ironically, I did notice how sunburned people around me were getting. I smiled knowing that I had come prepared. The sun didn’t stand a chance against my 110 SPF spray sunscreen.

3 hours later, we leave the park to pick up my boys from a summer camp. I noticed that my back felt a little burnt. By the time we get home, I felt like my back was on fire. I slowly and painfully removed my shirt to see how bad my back really was. It was bad. Really bad. I had not stressed to that kind stranger the importance of covering my very pale back thoroughly. I had also missed a large section on the back of one of my arms while I was applying sunscreen.

Now I have been sunburned in the past, but this time was different. There were 2 parts on my back that were so painful, I could hardly move. I had a palm-size spot on my left shoulder and the radius of about 2 palms wide on the back of my right shoulder that were, “bring tears to your eyes” kinda painful whenever I moved. My husband and all 3 of my kids took shifts applying aloe to my back. They even used shaving cream with aloe in it at one point. I took several cold baths and applied ice packs to these 2 particular spots.

Nothing was working. 4 days after going to the water park, most of my sunburn had started to fade…except for the 2 spots. These spots actually became bumpy with fluid under them, and the pain seemed to be getting worse. I broke down and went to Urgent Care to see what was going on. Turns out these 2 spots were missed entirely in the sunscreen applying process. I had 2nd-degree burns on my back. The doctor gave me some ointment and a script for Keflex to prevent the burns from becoming infected.

I am thinking I may have been coming in too hot with the Bringing Sexy Back theme. I have now bought a 2nd swimsuit. I will wear the original mom suit for swimming inside and the 2nd swimsuit for outside swimming.

The devil is real guys, but I refuse to let him steal my. This time I need to remind myself that I have got this. I am awesome and do a self-high five.

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