The Early Bird Gets…Trash

An epic paper airplane modeling competition started early this morning at my house. Test flights and races proceeded to take place in the same room I was eating breakfast. After a few crash landings into my head, I no longer needed coffee to wake up. I was fully awake. My request for my children and their airplanes to vacate the room I was in turned into planes being thrown into a ceiling fan in the next room. At this point, I strongly encouraged the air show to move outdoors. When I say strongly encouraged, I really mean I opened the back door and told them the airshow needed more air (as in FRESH AIR).  

Later in the day, I noticed the kids left an airplane, well what was left of an aircraft, outside. I told them to go pick it up and not leave paper in the yard. RIGHT as I am telling my kids this, a bird landed in the yard and began making repeated trips to the crash site. She was cleaning up my kids’ trash to make a nest. My kids counted this as a win. Meanwhile, I stood there, dumbfounded. Why don’t birds sweep down and clean up messes for me?!?!  On a positive note,  I no longer have to look at the paper in the yard; however, I now have to look at in my tree.

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