Dad… Not Just The Other Adult Home

I understand that children show love for their parents in different ways. For instance, my children show their love for me in the form of asking me 20 questions and hovering. They show their love for their dad by letting him sleep and allowing him to use the bathroom in peace. However, today is a special day. I wanted to make sure he felt loved and appreciated. I informed my kids that the best way to celebrate Father’s Day was to pretend I was not home. Have a question? Not getting along with a sibling? Bleeding? Hungry? Ask your Dad.

Jokes aside, no matter how amazing moms can be, there is one thing we can never be…dad. For all the dads out there, I want you to know that you matter. You are loved. You are appreciated. You truly make a difference.  No one can ever take your place, especially in your child’s eyes. Don’t believe me?  Just ask any girl on her wedding day whom she wants to walk her down the aisle. She will pick her daddy any day of the year.

Still, don’t believe me? Scientific studies have found a positive correlation between (a) the involvement of a father in a child’s life and (b) the emotional and social development of a child. Furthermore,  studies have also found children are 3x more likely to go to church and pray if they see their dad attending church and praying.  So dads, the next time you feel like your child could care less about what you say or do, think again.

Here are some things I have noticed within my family dynamics.

  • Dads have a natural deep “don’t make me repeat myself” voice. I have to go postal before my kids seem to hear me, but my husband’s voice is so assertive even the neighbors brush their teeth and clean their rooms when he tells our kids to. Shoot, I even debate the cleanliness of our room and mentally review my oral hygiene. 
  • Dads have broad shoulders built for little kids to sit on. I attempted to put my daughter on my shoulders at Disney, and it just wasn’t the same. She had me in a headlock with her legs while maintaining a steady death grip on my hair.
  • Hanging out with your mom is just not the same as hanging out with your dad. My husband’s ideal trip would be taking the kids fishing and camping.
    • Personally, I think camping is just a costly way to live like a homeless person in the woods. My ideal trip would be going to a place with conveniently located bathrooms, an abundance of air condition, and a food court of some kind. I would also spend the night in a hotel that serves a complimentary breakfast.  
  • Dad coaching vs. Mom coaching. My husband coached my son’s 8-year-old baseball team, and they placed 1st.  He provided criticism sparingly, he talked to the players with his deep dad voice, and there was a sense of friendly competitiveness.
    • I coached my son’s 6-year-old soccer team, and we lost EVERY game. I told the kids to have fun, try your best, and never give up. To put my coaching style into perspective, I hugged a kid for dribbling the ball the correct direction and not falling.  I also focused heavily on making sure the kids were hydrated and protected from the elements (bug spray and sunscreen).
Fist bump from Coach Dad
  • No one can throw a ball around the backyard like a dad. Trust me; I have tried. It is NOT the same.
  • No one can fix broken toys like a dad. My husband can work wonders with superglue. I can get a new toy on Amazon and have it delivered in 2 business days.
  • Dads never get muted in the cheering section of sporting events. My mom voice apparently sounds like I am handing out juice boxes to the whole team from the bleachers.
  • A dad can make you feel safe and protected just standing next to him. I can provide plenty of protection and safety from a perpetrator with my mace and knock the individual out with my “mom purse”  that weighs more than a small child.

Seriously dads, you don’t get the credit you deserve. I know for a fact that I don’t thank my husband or my own dad enough. So call your dad and tell him you appreciate him putting up with your shenanigans. Avoid giving your husband the stink eye Limit the amount of times you give your husband the stink eye. Take time to reflect that without a dad, you wouldn’t exist.

For all of the awesome dads out there reading this… internet high five.  After all, you are not just the other adult home, you are dad.

The Early Bird Gets…Trash

An epic paper airplane modeling competition started early this morning at my house. Test flights and races proceeded to take place in the same room I was eating breakfast. After a few crash landings into my head, I no longer needed coffee to wake up. I was fully awake. My request for my children and their airplanes to vacate the room I was in turned into planes being thrown into a ceiling fan in the next room. At this point, I strongly encouraged the air show to move outdoors. When I say strongly encouraged, I really mean I opened the back door and told them the airshow needed more air (as in FRESH AIR).  

Later in the day, I noticed the kids left an airplane, well what was left of an aircraft, outside. I told them to go pick it up and not leave paper in the yard. RIGHT as I am telling my kids this, a bird landed in the yard and began making repeated trips to the crash site. She was cleaning up my kids’ trash to make a nest. My kids counted this as a win. Meanwhile, I stood there, dumbfounded. Why don’t birds sweep down and clean up messes for me?!?!  On a positive note,  I no longer have to look at the paper in the yard; however, I now have to look at in my tree.

One is the Loneliest Number

I know we are all wondering this so I am just going to ask. How long is that flip flop going to reside at the Maplewood/Beglis intersection?

The Beglis Flip Flop

It has been there for at least 2 solid months. It is practically a landmark one can reference in giving directions at this point. “If you get to the Belgis flip flop, you have gone too far.”

I just have so many questions:

  • How is it still there?
  • How has it not floated away with all the rain we have gotten?
  • How is it in impeccable shape considering the traffic flow of that intersection?
  • Is it a Dollar General flip flop or is it a name brand one?
  • Does the owner miss his flip flop or is he missing a foot and is perfectly content with his one flip flop?
  • What is the back story of this flip flop?
  • How did it get there?

I would move the flip flop but then I would be depriving this city and the intersection of this glorious flip flop.